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Blue Magoo


     Blue Magoo is a hard hitting colorful indica cross of DJ Shorts Blueberry and Major League Bud.  This strain has a sweet berry flavor that will leave you feeling relaxed.  Blue Magoo can be used for a variety of medicinal purposes ranging from severe pain to anxiety.  





Blue Magoo (pictured) in a variety of different stages during flower, brings the color and smell to the garden that most strains lack.  Blue Magoo is a fast growing strain that provides very dense buds making it yield more than the eye would estimate.  It does well being pruned, LST is not recommended for this strain as it will become "bushy" on its own accord from pruning.  Even though she will hold flower weight for most of flower, support will be needed at the end of flower to support the very dense buds


Growth Rate - Med


Flower time - 55-67


Yield - Med / Heavy 


Cannabinoids - 17-20% THC







Blue Magoo: Growers’ Experience 


Growth Analysis: 


Growth Analysis for Vegetative and Flowering / Dry Weight Formulas are provided below: 


THC/CBD & Terpene Analysis can be found below: 



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