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Average Yield based on Plant Size

About the Chart: This graph demonstrates yield depending on plant size at harvest. The chart was designed to help WestCoastChronics predict amount of dry, Grade A, or dispensary quality flower being produced before the plants had dried and cured. The idea for the chart came when trying to predict (dry yield, Grade A) harvest weight based on plant size on the first day of flower, which turned out to be relatively inaccurate. This chart uses averages from indoor plants under close to or optimal conditions. This chart does not calculate or account for any trim or flower below dispensary quality.

How to Use Chart

X-Axis - Along the bottom of the graph are measured Growth Index sizes of plants at harvest

Y-Axis - Along the left side of the graph shows dry (Grad A - Shelf Quality) flowers produced 

Use - One can use the given information to compare yield for different strains.  Shown are exponential trend lines (Top to Bottom) Sugar Black Rose, Gorilla Glue 4, and Blue Magoo

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