Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of Micropropagation, and for this reason West Coast Chronics is able to provide 100% pure cutting free of disease and pests guaranteed.  In our state of the art Micropropagation we are able to sterilize already infected plants and produce propagules completely free of any type of disease.  Again this is always a 100% guarantee for all of our strains.

Micropropagation: Plants 


Plants are originally taken from our vigorous mothers and undergo a sterilization process before Micropropagation.  This will ensure that no contaminates may be spread to post propagules.  Once the strain has been sterilized it may then be “cloned” invitro to produce more propagules.




Micropropagation: Strains 


All of our strains here at West Coast Chronics have been evaluated for growth index and medicinal values.  The Growth Index information and Oregon required testing for all strains may be found in the strain bank.  We guarantee phenotypic integrity on all strains.


Tip: Be sure to examine the flower gallery for more photos of desired strains

Micropropagation: Guaranteed 


Sterility and Strain Integrity are guaranteed, West Coast Chronics works hard to provide the medicinal and soon recreational growers with only the best strains in the cannabis industry.