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Lemon Larry Og

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Lemon Larry OG


Lemmon Larry OG originally created in Orange County California, a cross of OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush.  Produces a very piney aroma high in the terpene: a-Pinene.  The usually low yeilding OG will make up in sweet lemon aroma with a relaxing OG after effect that will last for hours


Lemon Larry OG:  Grower Expirence


Clone Info


     Contrary to common low yeilds expirenced while growing the Lemon Larry OG this cut yeilds extrodinarily high, producing thick flowers high in a-Pinene without lacking in quality, the large flowers are packed with resinous glands high in THC


Growth Rate - Slow / Med


Yield - Heavy 


Flower Time - 57-68 days 


Cannabinoids - 20% 


Growth Analysis: 


Growth Analysis for Vegetative and Flowering / Dry Weight Formulas are provided below: 



THC/CBD & Terpene Analysis can be found below: 



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