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Jealousy x Ice Cream cake 

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Jealousy x Ice Cream Cake: Growers’ Experience 


Jealousy x Ice Cream Cake 


     Jealousy x Ice Cream Cake #96 is a hard hitting colorful indica sweet berry candy flavor that brings across all the aromas of Sunset Sherb / Gelato / Ice Cream Cake.  Its the perfect blend of the 3 making it an excellent strain to grow for OLCC production or personal at home gardens.





Growth Rate - Fast


Flower time - 55-67


Yield - Heavy 


Cannabinoids - 25%+ THC







Yield Comparison

Growth Analysis: 


Growth Analysis for Vegetative and Flowering / Dry Weight Formulas are provided below: 


Growth Index Analysis

THC/CBD & Terpene Analysis can be found below: 



THC/CBD & Terp. Analysis
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