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   uaranteed Genetics from a huge library of exclusive Clones.  WCC is devoted to making sure our facility and clone production is sustainable.  Clones are rooted in an aquaponics environment to eliminate the use of rockwool, a material that is widely used in the industry despite being non-biodegradable. 


 West Coast Chronics is a grower owned and operated Micro Tier Farm striving to produce the best quality clones while practicing sustainable propagation technique 



grow the difference  .


WCC has been collecting strains for over 10 years producing small batch flower making for a fresh selection every time.   


"     ur flower is always fresh, always small batch and always grown with sustainably and the environment in mind."  Three key points are the Soil is amended using local sourced OMRI inputs.  The Water used to irrigate is 100% captured eliminating need for fresh municipal water.  WCC is now almost 100% integrated with new LED Lights reducing power usage by over 60%.  



Taste the Difference

or the past several years WCC has been dedicated to breeding new genetics for the recreational market.  Using some old school genetics & newer genetics WCC is able to have a wide variety of strains to choose from in hopes appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

In House

 All strains below were bred, popped and hunted in house at the WCC facility.  While many strains are still in development and hunting phases, below are ones that are ready for market



All strains below are bred, selected & photographed in house 
Anger Management ​
ANGER MANAGEMENT is a cross of Jealously x Papaya Runtz Cake bred in house by West Coast Chronics.  Its high yield and beautiful flowers make it an all around perfect strain to grow.  Pheno bred & selected in house by WCC
Terpene Profile - Sweet / Grapes / Sherb 

Cannabinoid Content - 25%+

Apple Glazed Treatz  

Apple Glazed Treatz bred & selected by West Coast Chronics - a cross of Apple Fritter x TREATZ.  Unique nose and coated with resin, this pheno of AGT really represents the best of both parents.


Terpene Profile - Earthy / Gassy / Sweet




Cake is heavy hitting indica that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.  It was crossed by the folks here at West Coast Chronics using the our own Obama Kush x Fire OG.  It grows extremely fast with a heavy yield for a kush.  Its vibrant colors make it a picture perfect strain to run in any room.  Beeding Date (2014)


Terpene Profile - Sweet / Kush


Cannabinoid Content - 25%

Cake Breath  

Cake Breath bred by West Coast Chronics is the OGSB Cookie x Cake, the phenotype selected smells of sweet kush and cookies.  Breeding Date (2017)


Terpene Profile - Earthy / Gassy / Sweet


Golden Runtz Cake 


Golden Runtz Cake (Papaya Runtz Cake x Chernobyl "Golden Ticket") bred and selected by West Coast Chronics  


Jealousy x Ice Cream Cake #96

Bred and Selected in house by West Coast Chronics  Jealousy x Ice Cream Cake (currently un-named).  Potent resinous flowers that turn purple mid flower paired with minimal fan leaves made it an obvious selection. 

Terpene Profile - Gas / Earthy / Cream

Growth Rate - Fast
Yield - Medium

Flower Time - 55-65 days


Jeal x ICC Farms
Key Limez  

Key Limez bred by West Coast Chronics is the Key Lime Pie x Papaya Runtz Cake #21. Key Limez takes a dominate Key Lime smell with a burst of growth and vigor likely from the Papaya Runtz Cake. 


Terpene Profile - Earthy / Gassy / Sweet


Mint Sorbet:   


A beautiful creation crossing the in house Cake x Blue Magoo.  This strain was bred in house by us here at West Coast Chronics.  Breeding Date (2015)

Terpene Profile - Sweet / Blueberry / Kush
Clones not avalible


In house cross by West Coast Chronics (ThinMint Cookies x Papaya Runtz Cake #21). Breeding Date (2021)


Terpene Profile - Sweet / Earthy 


Flower Time - 55-65 days


Orange Popsicle 



In house cross by West Coast Chronics (ThinMint Cookies x Papaya Runtz Cake #21). Breeding Date (2021)


Terpene Profile - Sweet / Earthy 


Flower Time - 55-65 days


Papaya Mints 



In house cross of Papaya Runtz x Ice Cream Cake bred in house by West Coast Chronics selected from over 150 female plants Papaya Runtz Cake #84 has robust fast growth with the all the bag appeal topped off with a very unique gassy papaya smell.  The male selected from this pheno hunt #21 is now been used in many projects here at WCC -  Breeding Date (2020) 


Terpene Profile - Sweet / Earthy 


Flower Time - 55-65 days


Papaya Runtz Cake #84

Pink Panther #79   


A new cross of the Wedding Cake x Papaya Runtz Cake #21, the Wedding Cake was used as the mom and Papaya Runtz Cake #21 as the Male.  Growth rate is fast with immense resin production. 

Flower Time: 60-65 days

Zkid Mark:   


Zkid Mark, named after its intensely strong smell of OG Gas and Rubber - bred in house by West Coast Chronics using SFV OG x Zkittles.


Terpene Profile - Earthy / Kush 

Kringle's Cookies #6


Kringle' Cookies is a cross of Jealousy x Thin Mint Cookies bred in house by West Coast Chronics.  Thin Mint Cookies (F) x Jealousy(M) bred (2021)


Terpene Profile - Earthy / Kush 



SNOT is indica hybrid crossed here at West Coast Chronics using our own Obama Kush x Fire OG.  This strain is very temperamental but grows fantastically in ideal conditions with extremely large fat fan leaves showing its true indica dominance.  Heavy trichome production.


Terpene Profile - Earthy / Kush 

Cannabinoid Content - 22%

Clones not available  



In house cross by West Coast Chronics (Thin Mint Cookies x (Ice Cream Cake x Kush Mints #11)).  ICCxKM #11 from Seed Junky male was selected in house and used to pollinate a long time favorite at the farm, Thin Mint Cookies.


Terpene Profile - Sweet / Earthy 


Flower Time - 55-65 days


Treatz #28

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