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Chernobyl / Slymer

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Chernobyl / Golden Ticket / Slymer


     The winning phenotype of a seed hunt using TGA Subcool Seeds of Chernobyl, this cross of the legendary Trainwreck x Jack The Ripper.  The trainwreck found by TGA is said to be the backbone in the creation of this strain exuding strong lemony lime aromas.  Over the years this cut has been renamed, idolized, and horded by different growers for its massive amount of trichome production.  The strain is commonly referred to as SLYMER or GOLDEN TICKET.

Chernobyl / Slymer



Clone Info: 


Chernobyl, a high fairly low yielding strain with a large amount of trichome production.  The strain however will grows extremely fast and is very resilient to enviromental stress.  


Growth Rate – Fast


Flowering Time – 55-65 days


Yield  - Med


Cannabinoids – 20-25% THC



Growth Analysis: 


Growth Analysis for Vegetative and Flowering / Dry Weight Formulas are provided below: 



THC/CBD & Terpene Analysis can be found below: 



Chernobyl Growers’ Experience 


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