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Blood Hound 


Blood Hound originally bred by Green Hand Genetics this is a cross of Huckleberry Hound x Guard Dawg F2. Blood hound is an extremely fast growing strain that packs on an incredibly beautiful yield.  The purple exterior flowers are complemented by a pink interior that makes growing exciting and extra appealing. 





Clone Info:


This cut of BloodHound grows extremely beautiful flowers with a purple exterior and a pink / purple interior when finished.  The cut grows extremely fast and need to be pruned regularly to keep lower branches in the canopy.  The large flowers will need support of some kind nearing harvest.


Growth Rate - Fast 


Yield - Heavy


Flower time - 58-68 days


Cannabinoids - 20-21% THC

Blood Hound: Growers’ Experience  




Growth Analysis: 


Growth Analysis for Vegetative and Flowering / Dry Weight Formulas are provided below: 







THC/CBD & Terpene Analysis can be found below: 

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