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Obama Kush:


     Alaskan Thunder Fuck or short ATF,  while the genetics are somewhat of a mystry, this strain petruded from the Matanuska Valley in Alaska.  This heavy sativa with a variety of posotive effects for patients including a euphoric uplifiting sence of energy with a strong cerebral high.  It has a strong citris-skunk aroma sure to turn any nose in the room guarenteed.





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Obama Kush:  Growth Index Information 


     Obama Kush Growth Index information is provided below, for more info about how to properly use Growth Index please click here.

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Obama Kush:  Flowering Growth Index 


Obama Kush is a fairly slow grower in flower not streaching much once the light cycle is 12/12.


    On Graph: In 59 days Obama Kush grew approximatly 2.25 Grwoth Index Units per day during FLOWER.  


Obama Kush Growth Index:  Flowering (days 7-14)  


     Growth Index for flowering is measured over the first 14 days of flowering since this is the time of largest expansion by the shoots, as explained in An Into to Growth Index.  

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Obama Kush:  Dry Weight by Final Growth Index


Individual Obama Kush plants were measured for Final Growth Index, this is then correlated to the amount of Dry Flower the plant prduces.  The equasion for this calculation for this strain is given 


               y ~ 1/5x - 47/5 


               =Final Growth Index



Strain Comparisons - Strain Weight Comparison Graph



       On Graph:  An Obama Kush plant with a final GI of 97 will yeild about 10oz premium dry flower, however when the plant is only 72  GI units, the plant will yeild about 5oz of dry premium flower. 



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