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Into to Growth Index: 


Growth Index is a very important tool in the garden that is is extremely simple to do.  Below is a very simple step by step tutorial as well as a video tutorial of how to take Growth Idex of your plants at home.

3 easy steps 

Step 1.  Measure Width (widest point)


Using a tape measure find the widest point on the plant from the top view (leaf tip to leaf tip) and record that width.  Sometimes the widest point may not be at the top but lower leaves protruding from the plant.  


Note:  Remember the exact location from where this first measurement was taken, you will need to start here for step 2.

Step 2: Measure Width (90')


Starting from the same location from Measurement #1, turn 90 degrees and record the width again! (leaf tip to leaf tip).  


Add the Measurement from Step #1 with Step #2 and DIVIDE the result by 2.  For example if the plant had a width of 30" in Step #1 and 24" in step #2 one would preform the following math 


                            30" + 24" = 54 


                            54/2 = 27

Step 3: 


Lastly Measure the Height of the plant from the base of the root stalk to tope Node.  Add this measurment to the result in Step #2.  Lets say in this example the plant was 35" tall 



                             35 + 27 = 62 


                             Growth Index = 62 






With this final measurment it is important to stay consistant with measurment, since leaves tend to vary in position (praying upwards or drooping downwards) the top measurment of the plant sould be the growing shoot tip & not the leaves.


If mounding technique is used its important not to incoperate the mound as part of the height, base measurment sould start where the stalk meets the soil.

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