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Alaskan Thunder Fuck: 


     Alaskan Thunder Fuck or short ATF,  while the genetics are somewhat of a mystry, this strain petruded from the Matanuska Valley in Alaska.  This heavy sativa with a variety of posotive effects for patients including a euphoric uplifiting sence of energy with a strong cerebral high.  It has a strong citris-skunk aroma sure to turn any nose in the room guarenteed.





ATF veg

Alaskan Thunder Fuck:  Growth Index Information 


     Alaskan Thunder Fuck Growth Index information is provided below, for more info about how to properly use Growth Index please click here.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Growth Index:  Vegatative Growth  


Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a fairly fast grower averaging .92 Growth Index unit per day under optimal conditions.


    On Graph: In 25 days ATF grew approximatly 20 Grwoth Index Units


This Information is important to estimate time in vegatative state & costs associated.  If Target Flower Time is know one can estimate dates for flowering


Pruning and LST of the ATF has shown to be a good technique for increased yeilds.  The ATF grows a large number of activly growing axillary buds which turn into fairly large size buds.  The shoots will grow fast into large colas onces flipped to flowering stage.

ATF flower

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Growth Index:  Flowering (days 1-14)  


     Growth Index for flowering is measured over the first 14 days of flowering since this is the time of largest expansion by the shoots, as explained in An Into to Growth Index.  

ATF fullGI

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Growth Index:  Complete Cycle


     Alaskan Thunder Fuck OVERALL growth throughout the cycle (vegatative & flowering) is fast, steady, and sure to yeild fantastic.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Growth Index: 13 Day Increment

     The 13 day Increment scale is a very useful tool for calculating how much the plants have grown in a 2 week period and maintaining a steady growth pattern.


  • ATF has Growth Index Average in VEG of .92 

    • .92 x (13)days =11.96 


In optimal conditions during VEG the ATF should grow 11.96 Growth Index Units in 13 days.



ON GRAPH:  10/9/14 - 10/22/14 

  • plants grew about 10 index units in 13 days - this is below the targeted 11.96 


ON GRAPH:  10/22/14 - 11/4/14

  • plants grew from a range of 9-12 Growth Index Units in 13 days.  The plants growing below the 11.96 GI Units are belowed targeted growth rate (ATF1 & ATF2


  • ATF has a Growth Index Average in FLOWER of .7 

    • .7 x (13)days 9.1 


In optimal conditions during FLOWER the ATF should grow 9.1 index units ever 13 days.  Since the first 2 weeks of flower is the only time the plant is truly expandig shoots during the flowering cycle this meausrment is only taken once during first 2 weeks of flower.


ON GRAPH: 11/4/14 - 11/17/14

  • All plants exceeded the targeted 9.1 GI Units in 13 days, (ATF3) just hit the target while (ATF1&ATF2) grew 12 GI units, 3 GI Units above the targeted Growth Index Rate.





Using GI Information for ATF to predict Yeild


     All the information above and the techniques involving Growth Index are widely used in most Plant Propagation Industries, but can be applied to specific strains as well.  Note that every grow room is different but these numbers may be used to generalize the growth rate and yield of specific clones from West Coast Chronics.  If the clone was not acquired from WCC the information / graphs are worthless information even is its the same strain.




Target Flowering Growth Index (TFGI):  target growth index for a plant (specific size) desired to begin flowering cycle

       Note:  Every flower room will have a different Target Flowering Growth Index, it is up to the grower to pin point the size he likes his                       plants before flower initiation


Final Growth Index:  Final Growth index of the plant.  (before harvesting/cutting plant, take growth index) 

ATF Dry weights

ATF:  Dry Weight by TFGI (target flowering growth index)


Individual ATF plants were measured at Day 1 of flower using Growth Index, this is then correlated to the amount of Dry Flower the plant produces.  The equation for this calculation for this strain is given.


               y ~  0.091x + 4.73


               =Growth Index @ day 1 of flower


   Using the Equasion:

      1.  Measure your plants at home using Growth Index

      2.  Growth Index for the plant is substituted for x

      3.  Estimated Dry weight given from formula. 


Note:  One can refer to the graph instead of preforming calculations,  Once the growth index is measured per plant, line up the Growth Index on bottom (x-axis) to the Dry Weight on the left (y-axis) 





ATF:  Dry Weight by Final Growth Index


Individual ATF plants were measured for Final Growth Index, this is then correlated to the amount of Dry Flower the plant produces.  The equation for this calculation for this strain is given 


               y ~ 0.273x + (-14.82) 


               =Final Growth Index



Strain Comparisons - Strain Weight Comparison Graph



       On Graph:  An ATF plant with a final GI of 90 will yeild about 10oz premium dry flower, however when the plant is only 10 GI units larger at ~ 100 the plant will yeild about 13oz of dry premium flower. 



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